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Thread: Regarding super-user status and root password

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    Regarding super-user status and root password

    How do I make Knoppix always ask for root pw?

    (Installed it on hd, and have set password.)

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    What I found in setting the root password is that the simple method will not unlock the screensaver if you close your lid on a laptop. There are settings to turn this off. However, if you go to run level 1 "chvt 1" and do "passwd knoppix" the password becomes truly universal. to get back to your active desktop "chvt 5" - puts you back in run level 5.

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    No login for Knoppix

    Quote Originally Posted by Frattuska View Post
    How do I make Knoppix always ask for root pw?

    (Installed it on hd, and have set password.)
    There is no login for Knoppix HD install. Flash drive install may provide other options.

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    In a CD/DVD-oriented distro like Knoppix, the CW says it makes no sense to password protect users (root or otherwise). In the case of a HD/flash-installed implementation with persistent store, it makes more sense to protect the KNOPPIX-DATA file. That way, anyone (e.g. the kids) can boot to the base system without a password, but all the goodies in the changeable system are protected from changes/prying. Knoppix is set up to make it easy to poke around and (potentially) mess things up, but not permanently. So, the sudo command gives virtually anyone unlimited power over everything not encrypted, until the next boot.

    p.s. I split this off from the prior thread from 2004/2005, as it seemed confusing to have them both together despite major changes in the distro (e.g. persistent store.)

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