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Thread: How do you turn off that annoying screen reader!

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    How do you turn off that annoying screen reader!

    How can I turn the screen reader off once I have installed Knoppix to my HD?

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    By using the correct version of Knoppix, one without "Adrian" in the name. Or even better, by installing something intended to be installed to hard disk like Debian rather than Knoppix (which is intended as a Live CD).
    Verifying of md5 checksum and burning a CD at slow speed are important.

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    If you're running off the live CD, at the boot prompt, type "knoppix" and hit enter. If you install to your hdd, it appears that the default is not to run the screen reader. I am fully sighted and prefer to run without it, I found it helpful a few times, when I was searching through menus. Every once in a while, I'd find myself going "Wait a minute, what did that just say", and I'd go back a few pages and what I was looking for would be there.

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    There are not two versions of Knoppix (with or without the talking interface). There are two different CDs/DVDs but they use the same Knoppix. The difference is in the boot codes (cheat codes) used when booting.

    I never do a full install so I don't know what boot loader is used when you do. You need to change the configuration file for the boot loader.

    If the boot loader is isolinux or syslinux have a look in the directory /boot on your hard drive (or possibly a subdirectory) and there will be a file called isolinux.cfg or, presumably, syslinux.cfg. You need to edit this file. It must currently have a line which says:

    default adriane

    change it to:

    default knoppix

    If you use another boot loader then the appropriate config file will have to be changed.

    You can see the isolinux.cfg file on the original CD/DVD.

    If you have default adriane the lines following

    label adriane

    are executed.

    You can see this is

    kernel linux
    append ..... adriane

    If you want to run without the talking interface (adriane) then the lines after

    default knoppix are:

    kernel linux
    append ...

    The only difference is the addition or removal of the boot code (cheat code) adriane. The version of Knoppix is the same.

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