PCLinuxOS magazine has some exceptionally fine offerings
available for free download at


This site lists pdf files of back issues of the magazine for 2011
and several Special Edition issues.

These offerings are magazine quality productions which you can
either read online or download. They are formatted with pdf
which you cand read with xpdf or Adobe readers.

I am particularly impressed at the quality of two Special Edition files:
One on Gtk Desktops (XFCE and LXDE, that is), and
one on the Command Line Interface.

The CLI document is extraordinary. It begins with abcs and goes through
shell scripting, zenity. It even gives a primer on vi, nano and mc.

I have no stock in PCLinuxOS, but it's got me thinking.

PS: Posted 4/21/11: the url above looks suspiciously temporary; you may
have to hunt around on their site if you are reading this much later.