Please pardon if this has been answered before, I have not found any other relevant information in this forum, so here goes:

I have had knoppix 6.4 (I am unable to provide exact version, I am not yet that familiar with the system) for about a week now, and have been able to install and boot to/from USB, and have pretty much everything working... except sound. I have seen other posts that ask what I see when running "alsamixer" from a terminal window... If it helps, I get a rudimentary graphical display for a mixer. It shows me information such as sound card, chipset, and input/output levels. No matter what adjustments I make to the levels, No sound gets pushed through the speakers. Headphones/headset return no sound either. I do not know what other information I can provide, but given questions, I can answer them.

Thank you for your time.