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Thread: Command-line syntax : a question about cp --parents

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    Command-line syntax : a question about cp --parents

    I cannot find (and don't know whether there is) a Forum specific to command-line syntax questions, so I'll post it here. Please put me right if I want to go elsewhere (and I apologise for wasting your time). Here is the question. Thank you!

    I can use
    cp -vr --parents /a/b/c/d /x/y
    to create a directory /x/y/a/b/c/d containing everything at d and everything under d.

    But how could I create a directory x/y/b/c/d (ie omitting a)? I could MOVE to /a/ and then use
    cp -vr --parents b/c/d /x/y
    but I really don't want to do the MOVE (and can think of circumstances where I might not be able to).

    I'm really looking for something exactly similar to the
    tar -C DIRNAME
    switch that allows one to make a virtual move to the directory DIRNAME before commencing the tar operation.

    Thank you!


    PS Again, sorry - if there is a Forum under Knoppix.NET (or for that matter elsewhere) specific to questions about command-line syntax, please point me to it ...

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    This is not Knoppix-specific at all? What about trying sites like
    Tip: Check out rsync whenever you feel you approach the capabilities of cp.

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