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Thread: Tar to KNOPPIX

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    Tar to KNOPPIX

    Hey all,

    I had some trouble while copying files to remaster knoppix, so I threw them all into a tar file and (over an extended period of time) was able to edit the few files I needed and save them into the tar file, however now I'm in a predicament. The tar file won't allow me to extract everything because of the same errors that I was getting in knoppix (even as root) and I have no idea how to convert the tar file into the KNOPPIX compressed file that's on the CD's.

    Anyone have some advice? I'm running Knoppix 6.2, and the errors I get are all about the file types (special block and such) not being allowed to be moved.

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    if you cant extract it with tar -xvf ... There is little hope

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    I would have looked into what produced the problems in the first place. One safe thing to do, is to create a new cloop device, loop-mount a (copy of a) KNOPPIX image on that, and rsync it into a directory for further remastering. That should be unproblematic, no open files, no special files etc. I also wonder why you care remastering Knoppix 6.2,X, as quite a few bugs from these versions are fixed in 6.4.4, and you might get version conflicts working with older packages.

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