ver: Knoppix 6.2.2 CD
issue: softRAID array (dmraid) not showing up any more
hardware: ASRock 770 Extreme3 motherboard

I shut down my machine last night without explicitly unmounting one of my RAID partitions. I did a sync before shutdown, but not a umount. I just forgot. Anyway, I thought the automatic unmount done by Knoppix as it shut down would be fine.

Now, when I boot, the RAID doesn't show up at all. I can see a /media/sda, /media/sda1, /media/sda2, /media/sdb, /media/sdb1/, and /media/sdb2. But nothing is visible in /mnt/ (where mount points are usually created), and ESPECIALLY there is no /mnt/psomething1/ or /mnt/psomething2/, which are what the two RAIDed partitions are mounted at.

How can I get my data partitions to show up again?

FWIW, there are two partitions, one NTFS and one EXT3.