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Thread: Knoppix on Android phones? Ubuntu is there already..

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    Knoppix on Android phones? Ubuntu is there already..

    Of course, Android runs on a Linux kernel, Nokia N900/N950/N9 (basically) uses Maemo, which may be considered a Debian derivative. MeeGo is already up and running on several devices. And more standard Linux versions on smartphones isn't that far-fetched anymore.

    HTC Desire HD was recently hacked to run Ubuntu natively:

    Why then, not introduce our really tried and true distro to the phone: Knoppix? (I have a HTC Desire Z - slide phone where I would really like to run Knoppix. I realize that getting the standard phone functions up and running may be a tall order, though.)

    But - a Wayland-based Knoppix on phones - think it might be a good idea!
    Probably, most of the MeeGo work will be usable here - the beauty of open source again.

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    Hi. I think this idea, to use KNOPPIX on tablet or phone is good! (if possible)
    I see there are several ways to run linux desktop on android device.
    And i think if it was (perhaps it is?) possible to run knoppix on android device, it would be great.
    Running linux on android, is connected to some problems - have to install soft. and solve problems when it will not install. Have to root android device , and so on...
    Running ready to use KNOPPIX, would be much easier (if possible). And KNOPPIX is much more useful than android.

    For example may be it would be possible to make some app that when started will bring feeling of using knoppix?

    Or perhaps there are apps for android that will work as virual machine (virtualbox or something) and allow running of Knoppix live cd or dvd or usb?
    Modern phones and tablets exceed in power some older PC. So why not knoppix on android?

    Can some help on this?

    Best regards.

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    I think it would be a really good idea to run Knoppix on mobiles, but I would prefer a solution for Wndows Phones since Microsoft does not support them anymore.

    Some years ago Klaus Knopper talked about an Knoppix version for Raspberry Pi.

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