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Thread: stuck at gparted

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    stuck at gparted

    hey im running and acer netbook with no cd rom and im trying to install knoppix to my hard drive from a usb. i run the installer and i can get as far as gparted and no further. im not sure what im doing wrong but im a pretty tech savvy guy and have never had this much trouble partioning and installing an OS. any and all help would be appreciated.

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    ... I suppose, you are using a 'Flash disk Installation' of Knoppix and you booted your netbook with this prepared USB stick.

    To install Knoppix to HD, you can do it with 'Preferences/ KNOPPIX HD installation'. Before selecting "auto, disk or gparted", please read "help" of this script first.

    If there are remainig problems, give us a detailed description, what you've done and what will not work.

    Greetings Werner *
    Own Rescue-CD with Knoppix (Knoppix V6.4.4 remaster)

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