Ok .. so I purchased Knoppix Hacks to gain further insight to using Knoppix as my linux distrobution of choice. Following the commands to mount, and sync the information, and copying over the linux system file etc... I now have a bootable USB flash drive.

So .. in my mind I am assigning myself a list of Knoppix to do's. The first being to reverse this exact process, and burn a live DVD using the Knoppix file system I have installed on my USB drive.

I googled quite a bit, and if you google the same topic you will see my frustration in that all you find is "How do I install knoppix to my USB flash drive". Instead of how to I mount knoppix from my flash drive to an empty DVD-R\RW.

So I figured now that I am taking the knoppix dive I would sign up here and have you more experienced and exposed folks give me the answer.

Thank you for reading, and pre-thanks to any help I receive.

-Cody Oebel