I have a Knoppix DVD install disk for 7.0.2 and I mailed my client a copy. We both have observed:

When shutting down, the first time we select logoff and get the small menu, the shutdown choice is never given initially. The if we click cancel and then select logoff a second time, then the shutdown menu choice is included as the first item.

After selecting shutdown, when we get to the part where it waits 2 minutes for us to remove the DVD, the drive will not open. The only way to get the DVD out of the drive is to shutdown and then boot up again and quickly manually open the drive. Observed this behavior on 2 PCs in two areas of the country.

With my 7.0.2 USB boot drive, I don't have the issue with removing anything, but have noticed the missing shutdown the first time loggoff requested and then have to cancel and get shutdown menu choice the 2nd time though. Have done updates to the USB drive, may do more. Not a big deal, just have to remember to cancel and request again.