I was familiar with Adriane, a capability of Knoppix, from using versions
earlier than the current 6.7. In 6.4.4, for example, there were
Adriane versions as well as Knoppix versions available for download,
confusing some newcomers.

The situation now seems even a bit more confusing.
I didn't see an Adriane Version of Knoppix 6.7 as such, just a single
Knoppix 6.7 distribution.
Within Knoppix 6.7 there appears to be a significant upgrade of Adriane
to 1.4-4 from 1.3-3 on Knoppix 6.4.4 but without any explicit menu choice
even to indicate its presence.

It is clear this is an important feature of current-day Knoppix and
a feature especially meaningful to Klaus Knopper, the author of this
fine distribution of Linux.

If you haven't already, I recommend that you read the adriane write-up from
earlier this year. This article is a good introduction to the subject.

I am not aware of a companion write-up which discusses the current upgrade
of this capability.