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As to links, I would like to see them disallowed completely. There is too much potential for abuse, including completely changing the target of the link after moderation. Whenever I see a link, even if it looks legitimate, it is a red flag to me to pay extra attention to the post, and track down just who this new member is, what other sites he posts on, check for spam history on his IP address as well as his email address, and so on. Complaining about not being able to post links makes the flag even redder.
aren't spam posts pretty obvious.

if a post is so badly written that you think it might be spam with a spam link, but you're not sure because it looks legit too, then why not check the link?

somebody complaining about not being able to post a link shouldn't in itself be a red flag. If they eloquently explain their
problem and it looks legit but they complain that they can't post a link, and a link would help them explain their problem, then it doesn't sound that suspicious.

have you ever had a spammer complain that he can't post a link.. and say you then say it's not clear why he needs the link, does he then respond with a very convincing explanation and a link to a very legit looking website? Mostly you just need to look at the link or hover over it, to see it is spam.

On a related note. 10+ years ago I knew spammers would eventually figure out that their spam would be more likely to be opened if they put 're...' in the subject. Unfortunately they started doing that, but it's still easy to see that it is spam.