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Thread: how do i edit a post and how do I make carriage returns?

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    how do i edit a post and how do I make carriage returns?

    whenever I post I find that all my ENTERs disappear.and the times when I have an option to edit a post, it sits loading.currently, when I look at this post of mine don't see an 'edit this post' just has 'reply' 'reply with quote' and 'multi-quote this message'

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    ok werner has pointed out the problem is with Chrome and the forum, but IceWeasel is fine.

    Now my ENTERs are preserved, but I still can't see an "Edit this post" option on the post above.

    Screenshot from 2014-05-23 15:03:29.png

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    For normal users this option is only available for a short time.

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    Dear terapin (your post #1)

    1. Fix for "all my ENTERs disappear", when using Chromium browser:

    Go to .

    Log in.

    Go to

    Change the "Message Editor Interface" from "Enhanced Interface" to "Basic
    Editor". Click "Save Changes" at bottom right of page. Log out, and close that
    tab window (or vice versa - not sure if it matters).

    I had same trouble as you. After I did the above fix, when I prepared subsequent posts, the ENTERs didn't
    disappear, ie the post displayed properly.

    2. Fix for "when I have an option to edit a post, it sits loading", when using
    Chromium browser:

    This is a get-round. Don't left-click "Edit Post", but RIGHT-click it. Click
    "Open Link in New Tab". The new tab window allows you to do the edit.

    Regards, John.
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    thanks that works very well.. the how to edit and the how to keep carriage returns..

    i'd add that to find that 'message editor interface' option, it's at this link

    or settings here then

    scroll down

    my account..general settings

    and (miscellaneous options..message editor interface..basic editor)

    When writing a post I don't see any button to make an image link and an image tag written manually gets eaten but that's not a big problem

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