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Thread: eeePC Wireless Card not Recognised in 6.7.1?

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    eeePC Wireless Card not Recognised in 6.7.1?

    Anyone else having trouble with 6.7.1 DVD poor man's install to flash disc not recognising the wireless card on an eeePC 1015PX?

    6.7.0 CD poor man's install works fine.

    iwconfig shows the wireless card on eth1 in 6.7.0, but nothing in 6.7.1


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    Greetings from Somerset. Slightly sideways related to your situation ... I have recently reloaded an eeePC 1000H to Linux and found that the wireless card had incredible difficulty connecting to a BT router on Kubuntu ... turned out that the standard WiFi card fitted to eeePC units had limited connections <2-aerial type> and was not multiband, and the router would timeout trying everything but the right configuration, which was way down the list of possibles ... answer was to replace the card with an Intel 4965AGN unit <PCI express> which I found on Amazon for 14.99 ... and it came with the third aerial which was a bit of flat PCB with a sticky pad that neatly stuck to the motherboard connector for the PCI Express, with the lead coiled round underneath, between the PCB and the WiFi card. No problems with WiFi now, except for the fact that there are 18+ base stations in the immediate area and the interference at peak use times is so bad that we have to resort to a LAN cable. Knoppix 6.7.1 works fine with the unit and the 4965 card.

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