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Thread: A note on IceWeasel's 'Save Link as...'

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    A note on IceWeasel's 'Save Link as...'

    English is not my second language.
    I am perhaps a bit too literal in my interpretations sometimes.

    But there are some unfortunate ambiguities which arise when
    IceWeasel comes upon an html URL which is in fact a legitimate
    tar.gz file packaged for download, as opposed to 'just another page'
    intended to be displayed by a browser.

    If one LEFT-clicks on such a highlighted URL as one is likely
    to do when in a browsing mode, there can be a bit of a surprise,
    depending on the content of the tar.gz file, of course. I have
    had one recent experience of what appeared to be a cpu lock-up
    requiring a reset of the LXDE desktop after about five minutes.
    The file in question was a variant of the minirt.gz file for
    the OS used in the viewing, which probably had some bearing on
    the unexpected fireworks.

    Had I recognized from the context that files, not just ideas,
    were being exchanged, I might have done a RIGHT-click on this
    seductive and tricky URL. Here's where a language comes into
    the picture. The RIGHT-click menu has a choice 'Save Link as...'
    which is the correct choice to select a name for the file and
    to save it.

    If the menu choice actually saved the LINK, it would be book-
    marking the URL which tells you where the file is. If you are
    a literal-minded person, such as myself, you might infer that
    there is NO correct choice to save the FILE itself, as you
    thought there should be.

    The right-click menu choice should be labeled 'Save File as...'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by utu View Post
    The right-click menu choice should be labeled 'Save File as...'.
    A quick survey revealed that these are what these browsers use :-

    Internet Explorer :- Save Target As
    Iceweasel/firefox: Save Link As
    Chromium: Save Link As
    Opera: Save Linked Content As

    Based on count, "Save Link As" got two votes which makes it the defacto standard However personally I think "Save Linked Content As" and "Save Target As" are the most accurate. "Save File As" will be out of question as the "linked content" or "linked target" is yet to become a "file" per se.

    My personal view.

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