English is not my second language.
I am perhaps a bit too literal in my interpretations sometimes.

But there are some unfortunate ambiguities which arise when
IceWeasel comes upon an html URL which is in fact a legitimate
tar.gz file packaged for download, as opposed to 'just another page'
intended to be displayed by a browser.

If one LEFT-clicks on such a highlighted URL as one is likely
to do when in a browsing mode, there can be a bit of a surprise,
depending on the content of the tar.gz file, of course. I have
had one recent experience of what appeared to be a cpu lock-up
requiring a reset of the LXDE desktop after about five minutes.
The file in question was a variant of the minirt.gz file for
the OS used in the viewing, which probably had some bearing on
the unexpected fireworks.

Had I recognized from the context that files, not just ideas,
were being exchanged, I might have done a RIGHT-click on this
seductive and tricky URL. Here's where a language comes into
the picture. The RIGHT-click menu has a choice 'Save Link as...'
which is the correct choice to select a name for the file and
to save it.

If the menu choice actually saved the LINK, it would be book-
marking the URL which tells you where the file is. If you are
a literal-minded person, such as myself, you might infer that
there is NO correct choice to save the FILE itself, as you
thought there should be.

The right-click menu choice should be labeled 'Save File as...'.