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Thread: problem connecting dsl - pppoe in knopix 6.7.1

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    problem connecting dsl - pppoe in knopix 6.7.1

    in knoppix 6.7.1 when i try to set up dsl connection
    i am unable to set up connection for all users and when i pres "ok" for dsl /pppoe connection
    the icon of netrwork management disappears and the connection is not established
    so i can not use network in knoppix 6.7.1

    what can i do to have working network ?

    thanks best regards

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    Hi There Not sure what sort of install of knoppix you have - here are two things to think about: if it's a flash-knoppix install - check Werner's reply to my post here: Otherwise, have you tried typing in nm-connection-editor at a root terminal so you can edit/set up your connection as root rather than as user knoppix as you do if you edit connection directly by left clicking on connection icon in panel. I don't know anything about your specific type of correction but this has helped in other cases. Best wishes, John

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