I know this is not the place to ask about other Linux distributions, it is impolite to talk about something that has nothing to do with being in a Knoppix Knoppix official website, but I need your help and I have no good time to search on my own.

I need a Linux distribution that is easy to use (without the need for manual), is not required to write commands to start Live CD or USB-Live to choose the desktop environment or language as Knoppix 6.7.

We also have the following:

Multimedia Player
Bluetooth support
Office suites: Text, and presentations
Graphical: XFCE, Flux or similar low income.
The Gimp
Web browser other than firefox
Have a Dock as user friendly rocketdock

I have friends who need an operating system but they are not computer or want to learn Linux commands to do simple things that can be done with the mouse or trackball.

They want to buy a new PC, but what they do not require much power.

I have fellow students who have no access to internet and computers are very old.

But need a lightweight office suite, but there is no competition for OpenOffice and all Linux variants are practically the same thing but with other names like Free Office ..

I just need a Linux Distro that is not at all necessary to use console to configure anything. Click everything to be with me unless I ask you how I installed Windows has passed 80% of the time.

I've tried: Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Fluxubuntu (very outdated) Puppy Linux, VectorLinux, Zenwalk, Pappermint Linux, Xpud linux, Linux mint semi old versions, but none gives the point that my colleagues and friends need.

PCs that have are generally:

750 MHz Processor
RAM: 300 MB
Hard Drive 6 GB
Intel i810 Graphics Card series
and manage resolutions: 1152x864

can you help? is that the onset of Knoppix 6.7 scares my colleagues write commands are frightened because they are not interested in learning something you do not study. and do not blame them, have a complicated life to complicate.

and a distribution to me: 850 MHz, 386 MB RAM ...
Ubuntu installation that is style, style Next, next, next.