Hi Everyone
I can't boot directly from a flash drive on my old computer so I've been trying to use the new boot-only cd. My problem is that the flash installs [6.7 DVD or 6.7 CD or 6.5 DVD] all seem to work perfectly if booted from their parent CD or DVD with the cheatcodes <fromhd=/dev/sdb1 nodrm no3d> but on all three knoppix flash installs networking is not enabled if I boot them from the 6.7 boot-only cd. Since the boot-only cd is presumably only mean't do do exactly that - why does it affect the knoppix ongoing networking ability.

If booted from the boot-only cd then only a <network disconnected> icon appears on the panel [and message briefly in the top RH corner of the screen] and if you open nm-network-editor as either user or root, then no available connection appears, for you to edit [normally eth0 in my case] and none can be created [or not by me anyway]. I use a cable modem with an ethernet connection to the computer, so normally all i have to do is edit the [eth0] connection that appears in nm-connection-editor [as root], entering IP Address, netmask, gateway and DNS server addresses and everything is fine. Any ideas anyone, please.

Best wishes, John