original cdrecord is available here:


The original cdrecord SHOULD be back in a new enough version of debian, but apparently it is NOT, even if iot SHOULD , or else....

why is wodim still there in knoppix 6.4.3 ?

I just downloaded the newest knoppix available ( 6.7.1 ) but no way am I gonna produce a faulty CD by using wodim to burn it. So, I just have to copy the .iso image from my linux machine (running knoppix 6.4.3) to my windows machine to burn it from withing Windows XP.

I have had several erroneously burned CD's ( all burned using wodim ).

With Windows XP, all CDs were burned correctly during last 10 years.

wodim = trash, please get rid of it in favor of the original cdrecord by Joerg Schilling.

I'd like very much to see the original cdrecord in the next knoppix released.