I want to build a safe browsing environment based on Knoppix.
I want to build a system that contain only needed packages to boot a web browser without windows manager.

I need some information from you ! I'm a Knoppix remaster newbie !

My first problem is to clean up the system based. I have try to remove manually package but it's a little bit difficult to deal with dependency. Is it possible to get a Knoppix Core system to build from the base ? Or what is the best way to do what I want to do ?

My second problem that I have to solve is to find a solution to be able to configure network easily whit a graphical interface (maybe via the browser in http) whitout window mangaer ! If you have an idea or suggestion I thank you very much ! Actually my idea is to implement a web interface for network-manager.

I really want to build a powerfull system and I thank you very much again for your help !