I run KNOPPIX V6.4.4 DVD EN from the HDD of my Amilo La1703 notebook using a persistent image (knoppix-data.img). (The 6.7.1 KNOPPIX version doesn't work with my notebook at all, it seems to have problems with my notebook's graphics: chrome 9.) I have tried many operating systems and I found KNOPPIX the best in the handling the hardware and in general I am very satisfied with this OS. But there is a big problem and I can't resolve it. I want to use LibreOffice and it's Help in my native language (Hungarian) but is not possible to install the Hungarian language pack because Synaptic wants to remove a lot of packages (...brasero...clamtk...compiz...gedit...gimp...kin o...synaptic.......) for this reason. I don't uderstand this: I want to install only a simple language pack for LibreOffice and why is not possible this when there is installed the German language pack yet!!! The German language pack why doesn't create problems????????? Please, who knows the solution tell me, too!