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Thread: Where are my desktop files?

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    Where are my desktop files?

    Hello everyone,

    This forum looks like a great place, and I've just now joined for a little help. My Samsung laptop with Windows 7 recently fell off my bed, and no longer starts properly. So I downloaded Knoppix 6.4, loaded it onto a CD, and it loads perfectly. I've started transferring most stuff off my hard drive and that is going well. There's just one issue: I'm unable to find the three folders that resided on my desktop. Unfortunately they are my three most critical.

    I have opened what seems like every folder in all of the Knoppix trees, but to no avail. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks, David Maxwell.

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    Doing a quick search on the web it says the desktop is located at:

    This is in Windows terminology of course. username is the name you were logged in as.

    So find the c: drive in knoppix - probably the second partition of the 1st hard drive - and follow the tree above.

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