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Thread: wifi on Dell d800?

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    wifi on Dell d800?

    My son has an old (2005) Dell d800 laptop. Only 15" screen and 512mb of ram but suitable for him.

    I booted Knoppix 6.7 groom my USB drive, but don't see any wireless. Iwconfig shows no wireless available.

    Looking, I found this, but nothing else. Any ideas?

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    @ perfectreign

    Knoppix 7 may solve your wifi problem; I think it will.
    At present, Knoppix 7 is only available in a DVD size; a CD-size Knoppix 7
    should be available shortly.

    The background is this:
    Dell made a lot of different laptops with Broadcom wifis.
    Broadcom made a lot of different wifis.
    Every one of the wifis requires some proprietary firmware to work with Linux.
    Matching up and applying the correct firmware with each laptop has been
    a long-standing Linux problem.

    Knoppix 7 has made a great effort to tackle this thoroughly and get it right.
    We'd be glad to hear what results you have using Knoppix 7.

    A possible short-term remedy which you might try is Knoppix 6.4 which favors
    a different branch of the Broadcom drivers than does 6.7.

    Let us know how it goes in any event.
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    OIC, it is Broadcom. I'd have to use ndiawrapper or something like that.

    I will download 7 and fine it a go. I'll have to make it USB since this laptop doesn't have a DVD drive.

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