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Thread: IceWeasel scrolling lag or download stalling

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    IceWeasel scrolling lag or download stalling

    I backed into this problem.
    I started a thread about pipelining which noone else was interested in.
    In the process I think I discovered both a problem and demonstrated
    how to approach it.

    From what little I've read, it would appear to be Firefox/IceWeasel specific.

    I became aware of IceWeasel 9 browser loading becoming erratic when I first
    started playing with pipelining. I was surprised to discover the problem
    was there with pipelining disabled. I might be zipping from site to site with
    nice responsiveness and then on some site or on some page, things would
    'choke' for a few seconds and then resume. I could check my cpu monitor on
    lxpanel whenever the stall occurred and see the cpu activity at a maximum for
    the duration of the stall.

    This effect can be provoked some by surfing to a site with a large page
    full of graphics, perhaps some ads and maybe some javascript,
    and immediately attempting to scroll past the initially displayed material.

    I first tried earlier IceWeasels and found the problem just as acute. Then
    I tried IceWeasel 10, experimental, and this problem subsided a lot. The only
    difference between the old IceWeasel installs and the new one was that at
    first, there was no Ad Blocker for IceWeasel 10.

    From what I read, others have discovered this same effect and determined
    that the root cause is probably due to overloading the mozilla javascript
    machinery with a lot of add-ons. In my case I usually have several ad-blockers
    and SQLite Manager. It could be that pipelining doesn't help the situation,
    but the problem is there even without pipelining.

    Here's an independent view on the matter:

    I'm now back to fiddling with pipelining and SQLite parameters to see if
    I can find a happy set of values to continue with while avoiding the stalls.
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