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Thread: safety drill using Maxtor One touch 4 Mini help needed badly

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    safety drill using Maxtor One touch 4 Mini help needed badly

    I am involved in a lawsuit and all the info is stored in a brand new hard drive less than 9 months old. I need to restore my hard drive need help as safety drill just stops and shows vertical lnes

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    It is my understanding that the Safety Drill bootable disk is based on Knoppix. Exactly what version, I do not know. I can tell you it is an older version than what is current. The Maxtor One Touch 4 Mini drives have been discontinued and the software was getting old a few years ago. My suspicion is that your hardware may not work well with the provided version of Safety Drill. There may be a "cheat Code" you could use during the boot process. Just a guess based on your description of the screen, I would look towards codes affecting Display/Video parameters. Cheat codes can be found here: My best recommendation would be to contact Seagate/Maxtor and see if they have any suggestions. They have a forum and also direct contact information on their website. I would be careful to preserve the data and not risk losing it by attempting to restore it with outdated software. The "Plus" drives carried a five year warranty if I'm not mistaken. If yours is still covered, they may provide support for you. If you were to read the instructions that came with your drive, I believe it clearly states that before you rely on the drive and software for backup, you should try the bootable disk on the target system. There were some limitations on what could be backed up as well. Some of it may be because the backup software does not appear to use volume shadow copying in applicable Windows platforms. Check the Seagate/Maxtor site and there should be some information available.

    If you are involved in a legal proceding, then Working with the drive manufacturer to resolve your issue would likely be the best solution.

    When you contact Seagate/Maxtor, I would highly recommend that you supply more detail of your hardware and what information is stored where and provide more about what caused you to need to restore the drive. Theft? Corruption? Drive Failure?

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