Hi people, this is my first post of this forum; i have experimented a knoppix configuration in a ReiserFS formatted USB Stick, where the performance and boot.

I Have not used the "flash-knoppix" script, because it only creates FAT32/vfat filesystem. So i firstly did a mkfs.reiserfs on there, then manually copied Knoppix files. After that i copied the grub directory from a knoppix environment (/boot/grub) and ran the grub shell to install manually on the MBR of that USB Stick. Then i edited the grub file manually with my desired options for boot.

The result is that the knoppix boot only took nearly 15 seconds, and the knoppix persistent image only 3 seconds (Note that my laptop is a dell inspiron 1525 with 2GB RAM and 2.1 GHz dual core CPU, also without a hard disk connected)

These steps are very useful.