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Thread: Install RDC or Vino or XRDP on USB Install

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    Question Install RDC or Vino or XRDP on USB Install

    I am absolutely new to Knoppix. I am fairly new to Linux, having only used it since about '04 - SUSE, openSUSE, Ubuntu.

    I wanted a live USB distribution that I could easily use to transport files on my 16G USB keychain. I installed Knoppix from the DVD I got in Linux Pro Magazine ( I used the Install to USB function from the live DVD.

    Now, I added 4GB of persistent storage as well as a separate 4GB Truecrypt container.

    I want to install some form of remote desktop. Googling doesn't seem to lead me to an answer. I tried - without any success - to simply sudo apt-get install vino. Of course, I have no repositories.

    Googling doesn't seem to bring up what Knoppix repositories I can use. I see I can use Debian repos, but what version of Debian is Knoppix 6.7?


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    You need a working internet connection. Before you can use the package management software 'apt-get' you must issue
    sudo apt-get update
    The default Debian distribution of Knoppix 6.7 is called 'squeeze', but very often you must use the '-t testing' option of apt-get because many packages are taken from the Debian testing ('wheezy') distribution.

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    Thank you! I think I got it.

    Another thing I did was use the DVD to re-install. The one thing I really wanted was an RDC program. I have that now.

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