So why is Knoppix booting into the i386 kernel in the first place?

I mean, an AMD slightly-less-than-rocket-speed processor with SMP is quite a bit different from an Intel anything, much more a 386.

/boot has a kernel option to boot up vmlinuz-3.0.4-64 which I know the CPU can handle but not sure about the mainboard, which is really buggy.

software-center is a kludge to begin with, it's patched in from Ubuntu so is it a problem exclusive to software-center?
Or is it another episode of the "Chronic Transient Cerebral Flatulence" that's almost normal with the mainboard? Hardware or software, I mean. Because if a lot of other people are having the same messages I can assume it's a bug in the software and not my system falling down.

Knoppix 6.7.1 full DVD install running on AthlonXP, ide+pci-SATA+pci-SCSI 1 gB RAM