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Thread: Knoppix 7.0 Same procedure as every year!

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    I think there is some confusion....when I wrote that I know that this is a contributor website, I meant to say that the website HOSTING this forum is listed as a contributor website on .I am well aware that neither a website) nor this forum(as a community) is managed by the Knoppix developers on their own.

    Thanks electroken. You understood me right...........I believe sharing details of progress made (or the lack of it) while performing voluntary,unpaid work (such as producing free software) helps restore confidence in the product and gain better acceptance among users.

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    Myself, I'm using Knoppix as my main Linux version, and there are of course quite a few drawbacks to the "development model". They are not new but rather well known, and I don't think anyone following this forum should be disappointed when things don't turn out as they want and expect. And I think it is a misconception to view Knoppix 6+ as an entirely separate distro - it is rather a Debian derivative staying quite close to standard Debian in many important ways, but also with quite a few diverging choices. Most of which I have found to be well thought out, so I tend to think of Knoppix as the "right" (i.e. acceptably good) way to build a shrink-wrapped version of Debian.

    Whatever reasons Klaus K has for not notifying users about upcoming versions/road maps, I just have to accept his decision. In the open source world, things may happen in a much less predictable way than elsewhere, and I think it is way too easy to suggest that sharing details of progress/problems is uniformly better than the way Klaus K does it now. It is quite likely that Klaus K had himself expected to release the next version 1-2 months after the magazine version, and if he had announced this, people could really get upset and have their plans overturned when it didn't materialize. It is way better that people turn to other Linux alternatives if they can't live with the situation, than criticizing Klaus.

    Another alternative might be to create kind of "shadow version" of Knoppix: Many of us are doing extensive modifications of Knoppix, and there is nothing to stop us from carrying out this to produce an updated version, kind of "next Knoppix without Klaus' novelties". This could be done in a much more predictable way than "the real deal", and right now, 7.0 could be the starting point for such a version. I guess one main obstacle is the differences in ways of working. Kind of bimonthly or quaterly update with latest good kernel, updated packages, updated drivers etc could be quite useful. With each release firmly based on the latest official Knoppix version, we could also avoid any unneccessary kind of forking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by electroken View Post
    I also bought the magazine and had a problem with the dvd. I also thought perhaps there might be some sort of error because of the media and maybe making a copy of the disk as an iso and ignoring the read error might give me a workable copy. The iso maker software also had an error reading the disk at some point and would not continue.

    I am disappointed that the disk did not work since I bought the magazine mainly to get the disk since it seems to have a lot of extra features and apps for the knoppix install/live disk. I am a newbie so now sure it can install like Ubuntu. I am waiting patiently to be able to download the working dvd.

    Does anyone know a way to contact the magazine and is there some way to show you bought it and be able to download a good version of the disk from the magazine? Or is that only wishful thinking on my part?

    Please use double "new line" for new paragraph. wps
    Hi, I have a subscription to the English magazine and found that the KNOPPIX file fails when running testcd. I then assumed that this is a broken DVD, so I asked the magazine for a good one. They were very quick with a new one, but that DVD has exactly the same problem. That makes me think that all of the English DVD's are broken. I ran a checksum on the KNOPPIX file and it had a different hash then written in the file. So I used some program that lets me edit files in the ISO and changed the checksum to what I calculated. Then I burned it and the testcd was, of course, ok. But this is really not the way to go. Someone should look into the broken DVDs and find out why they broke.

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