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Thread: Knoppix and Debian

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    Knoppix and Debian

    Hey guys,
    First off, im a Linux novice.
    I'm doing a school project on Knoppix and i was hoping to get some information about how Knoppix differs from Debian. From my research so far, i understand that Knoppix includes more bleeding edge software so in certain cases it may not be as stable as Debian (which is one of its biggest selling points) but the trade off is that it gets more functionality. Knoppix currently only has 32 bit support.
    Knoppix is primarily a Live CD distro but with a bit of work you can install it on your HDD. Because its a Live CD, it works great when used for recovery of a system thats gone down.

    Please correct me if im wrong anywhere and i'd greatly appreciate it if you could point me to a few resources to read up more.


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    Greetings, routaran.

    Here is a somewhat dated reference you might consult:

    You will only have a good answer to your question after you have tried and
    succeeded getting both to work on your own hardware. To than end you might try
    setting up a LiveCD or a LiveUSB of each. There is a PenDrive site that makes
    this pretty easy using a Windows setup to begin-with:

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    A few generalities may apply here:

    It is generally the case that Knoppix is used as a LiveCD LiveUSB,
    or in a poor-man's HDD install,
    where Debian is more often used in a 'permanent' HDD install.

    Knoppix is probably the best distribution of ANY, in regard to
    hardware recognition; more likely to JUST WORK with any
    keyboard/video/graphics/wifi combination than any other distribution.
    It follows that, given the same hardware to work with,
    Knoppix makes it easier for a novice to get a working linux.

    Debian MAY be more suitable for advanced users to tailor
    to their specific needs.

    Knoppix is not limited to 32-bits-only; however, most linux users would be
    hard put to demonstrate a common and significant use or situation
    where 64-bits offers anything more than a MODEST capability improvement;
    notable exceptions being re-mastering and/or working with file SIZES
    greater than 4 Gb.
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