I get OS freezes and lots of cpu activity using IceWeasel.

I seem to develop a cranky IceWeasel some time after making
a new Knoppix LiveUSB. It seems to be a progressive thing,
starting with a few OS freezes while surfing. I can watch
cpu activity and tell when things have cleared up. There
also seems to be some attendant gradual increase in the
ambient level of cpu activity which grows over time.

I have run across an add-on which seems to address this
problem and at least temporarily seems to reset things
to where the freezes are no longer in evidence. This is
based on the notion the a places data base, if it becomes
corrupt can cause such behavior. An add-on can be added
to IceWeasel to do this. See:

I'm interested to hear any fellow sufferers of this problem.
Mine is a 2 cpu 64-bit 2.1 GHz laptop, running Knoppix 6.7.1,
and using IceWeasel 10.0 and SQLite.