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Thread: 64-bit live disc with root GUI?

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    64-bit live disc with root GUI?

    I'd like a live Linux CD/DVD for diagnostic and repair purposes, that has a GUI for root, that does not automount media except itself until I opt to mount what's available, and that will run on a 64-bit Intel Core i3 platform. Knoppix apparently is that except that I understand it will not run on a 64-bit platform. My Knoppix 4.0 won't run on it, although it works on my Pentium 4 32-bit machine. It looks like you've been developing Knoppix64 for years and isn't out yet. Can anyone please recommend some 64bit-compatible Linux counterparts? Thanks.

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    Knoppix 7.0 (DVD only) as distributed at Cebit or on Linux Magazine.

    Will appear online in due course.

    That's what Klaus Knopper says anyway - provided you have more than 4GB RAM

    Knoppix 4 is o-l-d. Where have you been?

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