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Thread: Hardware Detection script

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    Hardware Detection script

    I want to make a Debian based distro with my programs and utilities. Where can i find the script for hardware detection on boot??? I want to use it in my distro because i will use it in several different PCs...

    Thanks for your time...

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    Over in Remastering ( we are having a discussion of creating a minimalist Knoppix which is based on ubuntu debootstrap (the basics of ubuntu) with the hardware detection, cloop fs, and persistent storage. The idea being to create a basic, pure Debian platform that can be added to by adding programs in KNOPPIX2 etc. via the RAM fs method also described in the Remastering thread.

    It is apparent that this is not trivial, due to the way the hardware detection, etc. have been mixed in with various other packages in KNOPPIX. I have taken the etc (containing the inits) and usr/sbin (containing some of the knoppix apps) directories from KNOPPIX 7.0.4 and copied it to the filesystem tree of debootstrap, then made an iso, which still loads. I'm looking at the failure messages in order to find other pieces that we need from other places in the KNOPPIX filesystem. I hope to cobble together the components.

    Please reply in Remastering, if interested.

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