So I am considering the purchase of a banged up macbook as a fixer-upper. It has a broken monitor and there currently is not an operating system installed. I need to test it to make sure that it can boot up before handing over any money for it. My plan was to use the Knoppix live boot cd and a mini-dvi to rca adapter that connects to a small portable television. I have a macbook of my own so I am using that to test if my approach will work. Upon boot up Knoppix starts up just fine and the dvi adapter is auto-detected so it is getting a signal. But my little television displays three rows, each containing scrambled copies of the proper screen, without color, that slide almost like a vhs tape that is tracking incorrectly. Occasionally a "No Signal" message appears and then a second later it flashes back to the sliding rows. I am assuming that there is some setting I must change in the "Monitior Settings" to get the proper appearance. But I have no idea what that setting might be. Any thoughts / suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.