My Synaptic has a quirk I would like to correct.
I think perhaps the CeBIT Knoppix 7 may have a similar quirk.

If I select Settings>Repositories it says 'Repositories Changed-Reload';
After I Reload, it comes back with the same message.
I never get a chance to review the repos from Synaptic itself.

I can make meaningful transactions otherwise with Synaptic for files that
are either reachable from a repo or already on-board.

I know I can see the repo list at /etc/apt/sources.list.
If I dumb-down this list to just 'stable' that doesn't solve the problem.

I'd like to solve the Synaptic problem. I'd rather not have only an answer to
'just use apt-get' as my alternative.

With that one restraint, I'd like some help here.
What should I look for and where?