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Thread: Remastering DVD 6.7.1: Iso creation too slow

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    Remastering DVD 6.7.1: Iso creation too slow

    Dear all, I need to create a live cd/dvd with some packages (like development tools, xmgrace, paraview) for a workshop. I have followed the instructions on the official knoppix webpage, . I am using virtual box with a virtual hard disk of 25GB capacity with ext4 format. After installing all what I need inside the chrooted environment, I started the "Remastering the Iso" instructions. But, it is too slow. It has been running for almost 7 hours and although it seems to make very small advances, because tmpiso is growing very slowly, I would like to know if I can speed up this process and/or if this is normal.
    Thanks a lot.

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    There seems some things going wrong. The used time depends on your equipment (CPU, size of RAM of your computer, other activities and so on).

    What are you remastering CD or DVD? What is the size of RAM for VirtualBox?

    For me I use about 20 minutes with "Remastering the Iso" for a CD and about 1 hour for DVD.

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    Thanks a lot for your response.
    I have used two laptops, Snow Leopard + Virtual Box, and although one was more faster (because of a faster processor), still is too slow and I had to stop the process. The setups are the following:
    Machine 1: VB RAM = 1GB, VB HD = 25GB,
    Machine 2: VB RAM = 2GB, VB HD = 25GB
    Unfortunately I did not have enough time to track/debug the problem and therefore I am using and old version of my customized dvd based on knoppix 6.4 .
    Actually, the customization is really simple, just adding some packages to the dvd.
    Anyway, I wil try to test in a desktop later to see if the problem replicates.

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