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Thread: Bring back sylog to Knoppix 7.

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    Bring back sylog to Knoppix 7.

    I don't know why Klaus K doesn't leave us with syslog and a decent log viewer.
    So I always put them back.
    If you can't imagine using syslog then don't bother with this.
    You can always see a text screen tail of syslog at alt-F12; BUT learn how to get
    back to graphics before you check that out.

    If you want sylog and a nice viewer, here's how to get them:

    First, as root, you need to add a line just below the /dev/tty12 line
    of /etc/syslog-knoppix.conf:
    *.*;auth,authpriv.none     /var/log/syslog
    (use a tab to space these two strings)

    Second, you need to edit the command line of the menu item
    Main Menu>System Tools>Log File Viewer
    just add sudo at the front of 'pkexec...'.

    Now when you click on Log File Viewer you get a nice display of syslog.

    There are two additional free benefits.
    1. You get an Xorg.0.log; and
    2. You may get some static about auth.log, mail.log and (I forget what).log.
    I got rid of this spam by creating three empty files in /var/log with these names,
    then when I called-up the Log File Viewer, these showed up on the left as bookmarks.
    I used File>Close to remove each of these bookmarks.
    I've not been bothered since.
    I suppose I should close the three empty files sometime or other.

    This is not much to pay for such a nice viewer and syslog available in hard copy form.
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    "Log File Viewer" does not seem to be on this system

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    Why not use mc (the midnightcommander) within a root-terminal and read all the logs within '/var/log/' with [F4]?

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    Greetings, all.

    My age is showing.

    Log File Viewer is the menu designation for the gnome-system-log app,
    available with Synaptic, and used to be in the Knoppix 6 series.
    I like it because it has a nice bookmark system to it. Costs you 2680 Kb.

    MC output does not appeal to me for this purpose, but a real gem in
    a lot of other ways. Worth the 6603 Kb it runs. Reading text not very
    attractive to me this way.

    Leafpad would be my preference over mc for just reading text files.

    The bookmark system of L-F-V lets you mark a lot of text files for
    reference, and guicker to get back to them than through a terminal
    or file manager.

    We all have our peculiarities.

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