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Thread: Bring back sylog to Knoppix 7.

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    Bring back sylog to Knoppix 7.

    I don't know why Klaus K doesn't leave us with syslog and a decent log viewer.
    So I always put them back.
    If you can't imagine using syslog then don't bother with this.
    You can always see a text screen tail of syslog at alt-F12; BUT learn how to get
    back to graphics before you check that out.

    If you want sylog and a nice viewer, here's how to get them:

    First, as root, you need to add a line just below the /dev/tty12 line
    of /etc/syslog-knoppix.conf:
    *.*;auth,authpriv.none     /var/log/syslog
    (use a tab to space these two strings)

    Second, you need to edit the command line of the menu item
    Main Menu>System Tools>Log File Viewer
    just add sudo at the front of 'pkexec...'.

    Now when you click on Log File Viewer you get a nice display of syslog.

    There are two additional free benefits.
    1. You get an Xorg.0.log; and
    2. You may get some static about auth.log, mail.log and (I forget what).log.
    I got rid of this spam by creating three empty files in /var/log with these names,
    then when I called-up the Log File Viewer, these showed up on the left as bookmarks.
    I used File>Close to remove each of these bookmarks.
    I've not been bothered since.
    I suppose I should close the three empty files sometime or other.

    This is not much to pay for such a nice viewer and syslog available in hard copy form.
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