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Thread: how to use kde as default

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    how to use kde as default

    I install the last version 7.0.3 En, the default WM is lxde, i want to use kde, I did find where to change, furthermore, it logins automaticaly, i want to do it thru a paaswod .
    thanks for help

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    That can be achieved in a number of ways.
    I think one reason you haven't got an answer earlier, is that you obviously haven't cared to search much before you ask here.

    Did you look at the available cheatcodes? There is a list in the KNOPPIX directory, guess what that file is called? Cheatcode desktop may be what you are looking for.
    Issue cat /proc/cmdline to see which are in use on your system right now.
    Password may be simplest to do with non-graphical init, at least for a beginning I would use that: Did you search this forum? Check out this thread:
    Then you are welcome back if something in the cheatcodes or recipes doesn't work.

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