I salvaged my granddaighter's old laptop as she was unable to get Win 7 (64bit) to boot. The screen after the start up is blank except for a blinking dash in the upper left corner. I was told that Knoppix could help to restore the system's OS (Windows 7 Home Edition). I purchase version 7.0.3 and have been able to boot up with Linux, but I'm not sure what steps I need to do now. I know I can get Linux running. but am unfamilier with the Linux OS. I don't have any experience with laptops.
My computer runs Win XP, but I do have a Win 7 disk that is brand new. I was given this OS in case I wanted to get rid of Win XP at some future date by the repair Techs that usually do work on my personal computers. I have built a couple of systems in the past, but now at 77 yrs old, I am happy to just be able to use them! I do have a wireless modem which was installed with my last upgrade, in case I can get this laptop running. Any help would be appreciated.