I put knoppix 6.2 on a usb stick. Works great, but /home/knoppix runs out of spaces. I get
the same amount when I reboot. I tried apt-get clean/autoclean. Neither one works. Is there
a way other than reflashing? Its the full version of 6.2 on a 8GB stick and 3GB left on it. If I get
a 16GB stick, is there a way to save iceweasel bookmarks, cups stuff, etc with a new format?
I didn't set up a swap file, but I don't know if that would help. I have enough memory(reported

Kind of frustrating since I like knoppix. I was able to get flash to work and I installed google
chrome. I need to install ICAclient for Citrix, so if any needed to do that, it would be helpful.