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Thread: i Series 1171-9AU Boot Failure

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    i Series 1171-9AU Boot Failure


    My Knoppix CD will not boot from an IBM i series laptop. It works just fine on my T20. I know the CD-ROM is OK as I have booted and loaded Debain on it with no problems. I get a message that says "boot failure".
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    How about some hardware details? When does it give you this error message "failed boot?" Does it POST and then error right away or what? Also be advised that often times it is necessary to make changes to your BIOS to overcome some of these problems. I don't know the first thing about your laptop but you could.

    Disable PnP OS
    Disable Auto IRQ assignment
    Maybe it isn't possibe but if you can have you tried booting from floppy?

    I'm just taking a few shots in the dark here.

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