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Are SDXC flash memory cards supported by Knoppix 7.0.4?

Have recently acquired a Lexar Professional 400x 64GB SDXC fkash memory card for my camera, and discovered that neither Knoppix 7.0.2 nor Puppy Lupuplus 5.2.8 can mount this card either on my Toshiba’s internal SD slot, nor on the Delkin USB3.0 card reader connected to a pci-expressbus adapter. Both distributions are able to read and write older/smaller (8GB) SDHC cards on both external and internal readers.

In Puppy, the system was unable to detect the presence of the card in either position, while Knoppix displayed an icon for it in both locations, but could only display the label of the card “Nikon D800“, but not the size or the contents.
Worse, an 8GB CF card inserted in the USB3,0 reader, which is normally perfectly accessible from both Puppy and Knoppix could not be accessed either, even after the SDXC card was removed.

Windows 7 had no trouble reading the Lexar SDXC in either position. Using the internal slot, the files copied to the laptop’s hard drive at 21.4MB/s, and at 35MB/s using the USB3.0 connection.

Is there a fix in Knoppix 7.0.4?
Your description sounds to me as if the card is formatted with an ExFAT file system. This file system is supported first in Knoppix 7.0.4, so it may be worth a try.