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Thread: Title Bar DISAPPEARS off top of all windows

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    Title Bar DISAPPEARS off top of all windows

    Hi. About one in two times that I use my laptop (using Knoppix), during the
    session the Title Bar DISAPPEARS off the top of all the windows. Could you tell
    me how to stop this happening please?

    Knoppix (7.0.2) is on my hard drive. I work in LXDE desktop mode - that's because, out of the
    box (on hard drive), when knoppix boots it puts me in LXDE (and compiz fusion).

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    Did you try "(Re-) start 3D desktop compiz" in the Knoppix menu after the title bars had disappeared?

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    Greetings, John.

    'missing frames' is a an LXDE/Compiz bug that has plagued us for some time.
    If you can discover and report just how to demonstrate when this occurs, it will
    help Klaus K find a way to exterminate it.

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    Thanks klaus2008 (#2).

    Running "(Re-) start 3D desktop compiz" does put the Title Bars back.

    But the narrow horizontal whatsaname panel at the bottom of screen disappears
    as a result - you know, the panel with the Kmenu at the left, and notification
    icons at the right.

    However, when I swivelled the desktop cube round (using CTRL+ALT+LEFTARROW), the
    bottom panel reappeared. Thanks for the get-round. It would be nice if it didn't
    do it at all.

    Thanks. John.


    For utu:

    Sometimes the Title Bars are missing immediately after the bootup (although not
    very often i don't think). But when present after bootup, they seem to disappear
    at various times, ie i seem to think that there is no particular pattern to or
    cause of their disappearance (i could be wrong about that).

    Also, it's funny, but most of the time, i don't actually notice when the Bar
    disappears, so i can't pin down a particular thing that i just did before it
    happens. The frequency of the disappearances varies. Sometimes there are no
    disappearances for a few days. Sometimes, i get a disappearance say every other
    computer session. Occasionally, EVERY session.

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    Hi again, John.

    Your experience seems to be about the same as mine, except maybe more often.
    Does the problem go away if you boot with a no3d cheatcode, by any chance?
    Do you alway start up with the same set of applications? If so, and if just a few, what are they?

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    Unhappy Same thing only different...

    I just started using 7.0.4 and discovered a 'nifty' little "feature". It was in
    7.0.3 but not as pernicious. Sometime when I move the mouse off a page I'm on,
    especially if there are a few windows open, they will all fly about and arrange
    themselves neatly on the desktop and the desktop will grow darker. Click on one
    of them and order is restored. Now enter 7.0.4 -- when all these windows go
    flying about, the panel at the bottom of the page goes flying too. I clicked by
    accident on the open space on the desktop and to my dismay, EVERYTHING (windows
    and panel) disappeared, leaving me with a desktop but no access to menus accept
    through drawer icons on the desktop.

    How do I get back to the panel and the minimized windows on it?

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    similar sort of thing for me - no minimise maximise X in top right corner, and cannot move the window around.

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    i had the disappearing title with knoppix 6.7.1 nearly every time ....
    pressing ctrl-alt-f1 followed by init 1 and thereafter init 5 repaired the desktop but was not very convenient ...
    because the previous version witout 3d did not have the problem i disabled 3d by using no3d ...
    it worked perfectly ... ( and closing a window got much quicker without the animation .. )

    now with 7.0.4 the title never got lost ...
    ( eventually because i disabled 3d short time after usb-install )
    however one time i got a black screen wit a mouse pointer which changed its apperence depending on the unvisible things behind it ...
    ctl-alt-f1 -> init 1 -> init 5
    solved it only partially ... desktop reappeared but two moving mousepointers ...
    i did not try what would happen when clicking with two pointers somewehere
    i used
    ctrl-alt-f1 -> halt
    to securely stop the system ...
    until now the bug didn't hit again ...
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