Hi, the first ever Linux distro I used was knoppix back in 2004 (a friend of mine gave it to me to rescue a windows box) and now it has came full circle as I'm using it again. I find 7.0.4 suits me perfectly fine for what I want (a secure live cd environment to go online on a pentium4 3ghz 1gram machine), nonwithstanding this is what I think would make 7.0.5 perfect: - Compiz and composite disabled by default (would save you the trouble of having to set root pw and nano'ing xorg.conf). I know that the 'fire' and 'breaking cubes' effects are cool but I speak for a lot of people in this town saying that knoppix is mostly used in professional and educational environments... we really don't care about special effects, in fact, they tend to get in the way and break production rythmn as they slow down old machines and many gfx cards have problems with compiz and composite. - What would improve knoppix's looks drastically would be the adoption of a professional/clean LXDE theme like this one: http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/...ot-Tour-19.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedi...untu_12.10.png I think I saw that theme somewhere in http://gnome-look.org/index.php?xsor...ontentmode=100 but I can't find it now... - Skipping kernel 3.5.3 and using kernel 3.6 since it's pretty close to final... also I don't know why there have been HUGE improvements in perfomance, the look of fonts etc etc from older 7.0 to this 7.0.4 - Ability to change keyboard layout from the control panel - Inclusion of a modern release of Chrome or firefox in the live CD version... being stuck with iceweasel 10 just because you lack a DVD driver is not fair. - The live cd version would profit from a better selection of software I think, for instance: vlc instead of gnome player etc... one last thing - thanks for creating the best linux live cd and the perfect distro for people who want to run linux in a non permanent manner.