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Thread: Knoppix ver. 7.0.4

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    Cool Knoppix ver. 7.0.4

    Hi I just received a version 7.0.4 DVD Knoppix from OSdisc. I love it, put it in place of ununtu 12.10 as it is much more complete. Has wine installed with it. It will even run World of Warcraft, abet slowly. I like the variety and choices of the apps. I think I finally found a home finance program I can understand and use, Gnucash after trying several other Linux offerings. Great job by whoever put this distro together.

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    getting worried about the security issues

    Hi. Am new here. I have purchased knoppix 7 from; I have not received it yet. I am getting confused about the security issues relating to Knoppix. I read this in this forum: "For security issues do not use Knoppix as your main operating system ..." Ok. So how exactly do you guys use Knoppix? Purely as a rescue system? The size and the features of the Knoppix DVD is well ... huge. It can't be just as a rescue system. I do want to hold password and credit card info in the knoppix USB flash. Knoppix CD as well? Can I encrypt files in knoppix? Password protect them as well? Would that be better than my existing "small black book". I travel a lot -- oftentimes to third world countries where Internet connections are either non-existent or unreliable. I have found myself in many situations where, I cannot use my own laptop, or I don't have it with me, and I have to rely on very old computers in internet cafes, that I know are infested with viruses and malwares. I would like to use knoppix USB or knoppix cd as a place to access and store personal/critical information in those circumstances. How can I do that? Actually I'd appreciate very much some advice, or better still detailed write up on how to use knoppix in general and in particular, knoppix security. Are there any links out there? Thx, e

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