KNOPPIX_V7.0.4CD-2012-08-20-EN ..... Boy, this is great! It really looks good.

I'm an old has-been and haven't used anything modern for years. I've been stuck using XP and W7, so as of this date I'm a newb.

I started SSH and can get in with Putty fine.

I don't know how (or if by default) to start the X11 server so that I can use TightVNC on a W7 machine to access the desktop on the LiveCD machine. I've set a root password.

I tried and failed:
x11vnc -display :0 -forever -passwd "ruby" &
x11vnc -display
x11vnc -create
The last command I get:

x11vnc version: 0.9.13 lastmod: 2011-08-10 pid: 5330
17/11/2012 16:28:05
17/11/2012 16:28:05 wait_for_client: WAIT:cmd=FINDCREATEDISPLAY-Xvfb
17/11/2012 16:28:05
17/11/2012 16:28:05 initialize_screen: fb_depth/fb_bpp/fb_Bpl 24/32/2560
17/11/2012 16:28:05
17/11/2012 16:28:05 Autoprobing TCP port
17/11/2012 16:28:05 Autoprobing selected TCP port 5900
17/11/2012 16:28:05 Autoprobing TCP6 port
17/11/2012 16:28:05 Autoprobing selected TCP6 port 5900
17/11/2012 16:28:05 listen6: bind: Address already in use
17/11/2012 16:28:05 Not listening on IPv6 interface.
17/11/2012 16:28:05

The VNC desktop is: Microknoppix:0
17/11/2012 16:28:25 Got connection from client
17/11/2012 16:28:25 other clients:
17/11/2012 16:28:25 Normal socket connection
17/11/2012 16:28:25 incr accepted_client=1 for sock=5
17/11/2012 16:28:25 wait_for_client: got client
17/11/2012 16:28:25 Client Protocol Version 3.8
17/11/2012 16:28:25 Protocol version sent 3.8, using 3.8
17/11/2012 16:28:25 client progressed=1 in 6/8 0.013057 s
17/11/2012 16:28:25 client useCopyRect: 0
17/11/2012 16:28:25 client_set_net: 0.0128
17/11/2012 16:28:25 wait_for_client: running: env X11VNC_SKIP_DISPLAY='' /bin/sh /tmp/x11vnc-find_display.ZGed3J

The program "Xvfb" could not be found in PATH and standard locations.
You probably need to install a package that provides the "Xvfb" program.
Without it FINDCREATEDISPLAY mode may not be able to create an X display.

xauth: file /root/.Xauthority does not exist
17/11/2012 16:28:26 wait_for_client: find display cmd failed.
17/11/2012 16:28:26 wait_for_client: FINDCREATEDISPLAY cmd: /bin/sh /tmp/x11vnc-find_display.ZGed3J Xvfb
trying N=20 ...

The program "Xvfb" could not be found in PATH and standard locations.
You probably need to install a package that provides the "Xvfb" program.

17/11/2012 16:28:29 wait_for_client: read failed: /bin/sh /tmp/x11vnc-find_display.ZGed3J Xvfb
17/11/2012 16:28:29 fgets: No such file or directory

The other commands just failed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't really know how to work with a LiveCD. Do I need to create a config file? Can I save it to the CD-RW? Do I need to download and install something from the Debian repo and modify the CD? I know it is probably something simple.

Thanks in advance.

PS. I got the access to windows machines running fine. Is there a way to setup access to the LiveCD machine from windows machines?

The last time (years and years) I did this we used samba, but that was an installed machine and not a CD (let alone something as modern as 7.04).