I use the measure count to define the frequency of wifi disconnect/reconnects.
count is defined as an alias in my /etc/profile, as follows:
alias count="date '+%h %e %H:%M:%S'; less /var/log/syslog > text; less text | fgrep restart; less text | fgrep -c disconnecting"
In practice, it works this way:
knoppix@Microknoppix:~$ count
Jan 17 19:18:36
Jan 17 14:25:56 Microknoppix syslogd 1.5.0#6.2: restart.

Given these three lines I deduce I have had 30 disconnect/reconnects in the current session
which began at about 14:26. Doing the subtraction that seems to be about 292/30 or once in
9.7 minutes on average. I know the reconnect time is usually quite small, on the order
of two seconds, usually. I'm currently using g-mode on either router since this gives a
much better result with this measure of performance. my n-mode results are on the order
of less than a minute between disconnects, using this same measure. I conclude my g-mode is
preferable to my n-mode as things stand right now.

This approach requires /var/log/syslog which, using Knoppix7, may be partially observed with
control-alt-F12, but I don't know how to manipulate it as above without providing the actual
log. I do this by adding the following entry to /etc/syslog-knoppix.conf
just below the existing tty12 statement:
           *.*;auth,authpriv.none        /var/log/syslog
Use two tabs to provide the space between none and /var above.

This log is re-established at boot. So, the accumulation of this record is of no consequence
in using a LiveUSB which is never left on-line overnight or when not in use for any significant
time. Needless to say, if you don't reboot often as I do, you may want to consider how much
space is consumed by contiuously recording syslog.